The 15-Minute Neighborhood: An Opportunity for Community

In broad terms, a 15-minute neighborhood features shops, schools, jobs and other businesses and services within a 15-minute walk, bike, or transit ride from residents’ homes. A frequently noted benefit of this type of neighborhood, (or a series of these within a 15-minute city), is to give people back their time, so they don’t have to spend hours every week commuting to jobs and running errands. This is great for burgeoning 15-minute city concepts in high population centers such as Paris, New York and even Austin, Texas.

At 4M (pronounced forum/fôrƏm) we believe that the 15-minute neighborhood opportunity in Ann Arbor is unique and of particular importance. Part of this opportunity relates to existing, organic neighborhoods like the Kerrytown District and the Old West Side, as well as recently announced communities such as Veridian @ County Farm, a mixed-income, net zero energy community. In our own South Ann Arbor ecosystem, we see an opportunity to leverage established leadership and support social equity that is fundamental to the community-minded components of our corporate mission. We are excited that in the upcoming months we will be announcing projects and shared tools that will make real civic objectives in tangible and meaningful ways.

The South Ann Arbor 15-minute neighborhood is located within:

one of the most sustainability-focused cities in the world; an innovation hub with a sharp focus on generational mobility transformation; a larger cultural framework collectively intent on ushering in greater social equity. At 4M we have been building contributory tools and assets for our 15-minute neighborhood that reflect these high-level objectives and opportunities and we are excited to support their practical application. We have built a sustainable, live-work, shared mobility campus for young professionals, we are a financial and infrastructure partner in the A2GO Autonomous Vehicle Shuttle, we will soon be offering a shared-fleet of Electric Vehicles to the greater community, and recently we announced the development of Venue, a project that will restore and revitalize a cherished neighborhood gem. Most importantly, as we have developed these assets, we have stayed as true to our corporate values as we have to our business goals. Simply put, our objective at 4M is to activate a 15-minute neighborhood that embraces equity, whether social, economic or opportunity. Doing our part to provide equitable access to transportation, sustainability measures, opportunities for personal and cultural growth, and helping our 15-minute ecosystem maintain its diverse identity. This is the 4M way.