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Thoughtful, engaging experiences.

Everything in One Place

Our space is designed to accommodate many different kinds of events, from small social gatherings to large ticketed shows. No matter the size of the event, the experience will not only be memorable, but something to make you come back for more. We have thoughtfully developed our event calendar to be inclusive. There’s something new every week, so keep checking back to find out what’s coming!

Friends hanging at a bar

Weekly Yoga

Our yoga classes will be led by local Ann Arbor experts in one of our flexible event spaces. Sign up for a morning class and once you’re done clearing your chakras, pop in to grab some lunch and hangout with your classmates. The community never stops growing.

Yoga with friends

Entrepreneur Series

Ann Arbor is a growing entrepreneurial community. We’ve developed a collaborative series catering to those looking to grow their professional network, learn something new about an emerging field, or pitch their ideas to peers and mentors. Members receive free access to all entrepreneurial events, but anyone in the public is welcome to join in! This is about growing a proactive community.


Big Events

We’ve got a lot of amazing fun up our sleeves, but right now it’s kind of a big secret. Think live music, games, virtual, in-person, high energy, memorable. Think big and exciting events.

Audience watching a show

Food Events

When it comes to food, we like to go big. From menu tastings to private dinner events, we’ve got you covered. You may even decide to try your hand at a cooking class. Just like our menus, we’re always experimenting with what we can do with food. No matter what the event is, we know the food and drink will be good. And with you there, the company will be even better.

Gourmet chef preparing food

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