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Make Ann Arbor Your Community. For a day...or a year.

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Flexible and fully-furnished

Stay in one of our fully-furnished townhomes. We’ve cracked the code on combining space, style, and convenience...all at an affordable price. Wifi, utilities, cable package - setup, included, ready to go. Everything is ready from day one.

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Short-Term Living

Plans can change quickly. Need to stay for only a night, a week, or a month? We can accommodate you. If you need to extend your stay a bit longer, we’re happy to oblige. We’ll work with you to create a great experience no matter how long you are with us.

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Long-Term Living

Know you’re going to be staying in Ann Arbor long-term? Inquire about our long-term rental offerings. We have a range of properties within our 15-minute neighborhood. Reach out and schedule a tour today!

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Full Support

We’ve developed our own concierge app to assist you while you stay with us. Chat with us, view your stay details, and request assistance. It’s all there in one place so that our concierge can provide you with the best quality care in Ann Arbor. We take pride in our level of service and we believe you will notice the difference. We’re only a tap away.

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